Photowedding of Isetan

As for the photo wedding of one piece of shining Isetan which does not fade even if photowedding several years of Isetan pass, professional of photograph, clothes, beauty is full of each skill. Isetan Photo studio that photograph "stores time in certain technique." Apparel is Formalwear Rental Grandjour of "assortment of goods which is various from Western clothes to Japanese binding, careful assist". Beauty salon of each Isetan shop such as la qualite, TAYA where "professional certain technique shines" in beauty. These help with one piece of the best of two people.

Photowedding of Isetan is recommended to such a person

  • Case not to hold wedding ceremony depending on sense of values of two people seems to increase, but, on the other hand, seems to be often thinking that we want to do anything remaining by some method in commemoration of celebration shop. In this case how about thinking about photowedding?
    To two people whom we want to leave for photograph in wedding dress now that we were better off as there is not time room and did not include wedding ceremony.

  • We have done only with Western clothes such as wedding dress and tuxedo concerning wedding venue, but photo wedding is most suitable for case that photograph in Japanese dress wants to leave in crested kimono and white silk dress.

  • We do only to Western clothes daringly when we put color rectified sake on the day of the wedding as it is busy and we take in front of in Japanese binding such as crested kimono or white silk dress relaxedly and photograph. On the day photograph of two people dressed in Japanese binding was able to be greatly called announcement using projector in banquet venue.

  • When photowedding is done with family, in commemoration of the marriage 0 zeroth anniversary, how about? We deepen family tie, and wonderful one piece to tick away history is completed.

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